Take Eclipse with you wherever your prospects are

First Visit

From the time the prospective customer steps into the dealership you present a custom experience to match no other. With Eclipse Online you have the information that matters at your fingertips.

On the road purchases

Finally found the item your customer has been looking for? Quickly look up their details in Eclipse Online and match the item to your customer before purchase.

Out of the office

No matter where you are, never forget to follow up with a customer again. With simple and easy alerts and access to your daily tasks, no matter where you are, Eclipse Online will help you to get the job done.

Misplacing Customer Information … An Image of the Past

Prospective customer’s information can be captured with the customer by your side. Our app ensures sales staff obtains critical contact information including phone numbers and email addresses, allowing for simple and easy marketing to prospects in the future. At the same time they can also enter enquiry details, matching a customer to their dream item has never been simpler.

Know your customers better then they know themselves

View Prospects prior purchases history and communication throughout all departments at the dealership. With our app you have access to real time information about your prospective customers so you can greet return customers just like they are part of the family.

Improve Closing Ratios

Ensure that every potential customer has the best chance to be converted into a sale. Identify weak points in your Prospect Pipeline, see where customers are being lost and work towards increased customer retention.

Analyse Prospect Marketing Techniques

Is your marketing earning you money? Is your marketing reaching the correct Audience? Using our App you can capture your prospects referral sources, using these to target your good/bad advertising methods.

See Eclipse Online in action

Eclipse Online - Viewing Prospects

Eclipse Online - Todays Reminders

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