Take Eclipse with you in your hand


From one end of the warehouse to the other, With Eclipse in your hand you will be able to count items quicker than you can find them.

Retail Floor

Scanning straight from the retail floor is as simple as point, click then tap. Your stocktake with be completed in no time at all.

Stock Yard

A quick and easy method to ensure that all your stock is accounted for. With Eclipse Online you can easily stocktake your yard, knowing your stock list is correct and up to date.

Latest Innovation

Using the latest innovation in mobile laser scanning, the Eclipse Online stocktaker will change the way you see stocktaking. Simply take your iPod Touch or iPhone and slide it into the stocktaking case and you are ready to go.

Live in Real Time

Syncing files and plugging in the device to your computer is a thing of the past. Utilising the latest mobile technology Eclipse Online stocktake will automatically update your stocktake counts live in real time.

The counts will be available instantly across all Eclipse Online stocktakers, even the Eclipse desktop suite.

Have a Team Counting?

Using multiple stocktake scanners you can quickly and effortlessly complete your stocktake. You will even receive a notification if there are conflicting counts to ensure your counting is always accurate and up to date.

Stocktake Vehicles, not just Parts

Eclipse Online will allow you to stocktake your vehicles knowing that nothing has left the yard. With real time information as each stock barcode is scanned including vin, engine and chassis information, there is no way you can miscount your stock again.

See Eclipse Online in action

Eclipse Online - Parts Stocktake

Eclipse Online - Vehicle Stocktake

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