Take Eclipse with you on the job


From the busy early morning rush to the afternoon casual visit, Eclipse Online is with you on the driveway taking new bookings or adding the odd job.


Technicians have access to all details of the job right on the workshop floor making sure nothing gets missed. The customer even gets the solution straight from the Technician as they write the solution straight onto their tablet.

Customers Residence

Onsite repairs have never been easier thanks to Eclipse Online. Record details of the job including the customers information, all ready for staff back at the office to produce and invoice.

Let the pictures do the talking

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so stop typing, use Eclipse Online to capture photos of the damage and repair straight onto each job. Show the technicians exactly where the problem lies.

Job Approval

A Customer signature, with just the use of their finger, is as simple as job approval gets. Capture the customer’s signature along with the date and time signed to make sure they are aware of all charges on the job.

Track your Technicians

Right from their pocket, whether on the job site or in the workshop, technicians can simply call up a list of their allocated jobs. With the tap of a button they can record time spent on each job. This is then automatically costed to the service job making it ready for invoicing.

Booking Manager

See what jobs you have on for the week, easily schedule new jobs right from your tablet. Need to add another job to an existing booking? From your tablet it is only a search and tap away. You even have access to your entire service schedule catalogue.

See Eclipse Online in action

Eclipse Online - Technician Clocking

Eclipse Online - Managing Repair Orders

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